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Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (LZZG) is a global provider of process solutions for the sand washing industry. Our products cover the whole processes of Sand Making, Sand Washing, Screening, Dewatering and Water & Sludge Management.


After 10 years of development, Longzhong has primary crushing, fine finish, superfine crushing and screening equipment, basically meet the various types of stone processing, mineral crushing production line.


We welcome to contact to negotiate, to the scene investigation, and we will install a return visit.


More and more international customers cooperating with us, our partners throughout the world, the status of us in the industry is increasingly important.

Sand Recycling Machine In Washing Plant Project

Sand Recycling Machine In Washing Plant Project

This not only has the effect of diverting large quantities of construction, demolition and excavation waste from landfill but also provides a solution in areas where there is a shortage in supply of virgin aggregate materials...


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The characteristics of fine sand recycling machine

The fine sand recycling machine is designed by our company to absorb foreign advanced technology. It is widely used in mud purification, san…

Sand recycling equipment can effectively improve sand quality in sand production plant

In the past, the sand production line usually built a sedimentation tank and used natural sedimentation method to precipitate fine sand. How…

What you care about most—Sand washing plant price

Generally, there are many factors that determine our buying products, such as, quality, brand, origin, efficiency and price, etc, where pric…

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