Latest Sand Washing Plant In Kuwait


Materials washing specialist LZZG recently marked the completion of installation of its latest sand washing plant in the Kuwait market.

The plant was delivered to Associated Construction Company (Asco) of Kuwait, which decided to expand its installation by adding a second, more powerful sand washing installation from LZZG, impressed with the performance of the TS series 1845 sand washing plant it purchased in 2015. With prospects for sand washing in Kuwait looking bright and demand for quality washed sand growing apace, Abby had to adapt to increased demand for quality washed sand from customers in Kuwait. Following discussions with its dedicated LZZG project manager, Abby decided to complement its site operations with a TS 1845 sand washing installation, which is now running side by side with the TS 1845 unit. This has dramatically increased capacity and injected an extra 240 tonnes-per hour dimension to sand washing operations.