Sieve dehydration characteristics and conditions of use


Dehydration screen is mainly used for coal slurry and tailings dewatering operation, using a type or flange type vibrator, pulled by two motor to do the opposite direction from the synchronous rotation, makes the screen body direction for periodic reciprocating motion in a straight line, thus achieve the goal of classification dehydration.


Dewatering screen features:

  1. Advanced structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, the new type of vibration motor for direct drive.
  2. Screen mesh of simple structure, convenient maintenance, usesthe high strength metal mesh netting, durable, polyurethane screen mesh or adopted.
  3. The machinecan use type and hang optional.
  4. Power: three-phase 380 v, 50Hz frequency.
  5. Host the data on the working current shall not exceed the motor nameplate, or reduce the vibration force to use.