How can dry-type screen help slow down coal exhausted?


A new PricewaterhouseCoopers report states Indonesia may exhaust its economic coal reserves by 2033. The expert predicted that, there is a possibility that national coal reserves will not be enough to supply 20 gigawatts of power stations for 25-35 years. From this view, coal tailings recycle machine also means dry-type screen for coal, seems to be crucial. Certainly, producer will  hit the spot of max product quality and profits by increasing efficiency of classification while reduce downtime and maintenance costs. So, what are the advantages of coal slime recovery screen in mining machinery?

For structure,

1, Special bearing vibration equipment, avoid premature bearing heat damage.
2, Use polyurethane elastic screen surface, high hole rate and elasticity, is helpful to dehydration.
3, Adopt steel coil spring damping, the maximum reduce the sieve machine on the basis of dynamic load.

For resources,

1, to reduce the investment cost and operation cost;
2, recoverable coal slime in effective cost, improve the utilization rate of coal resources, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.
3, dehydration effect is good, which can realize the coal dry, water content below 15% help to avoid the pollution of the environment.
4, small cover of space, low noise