Screen in the application of coal gangue recycling plant dehydration


As one of the great industrial waste emissions, coal gangue accounts for a significant proportion of industrial solid waste, caused serious ecological environment problems.”Waste” is also the treasure, energy-saving land-saving, increase production, comprehensive utilization of coal gangue is “money” scene.

Gangue after grinding and grade of pulping, dehydration, access to the rotary kiln for high temperature heating, coal gangue crystal is heated to produce a physical change, structural rearrangement, eventually become superfine kaolin, which can not only be used as a coating in papermaking pigments and fillers, but also in plastic, rubber, aerospace, wire and cable, coating, printing ink, food additives, cosmetics, pesticides, and other fields as filling agent and extension agent. Kaolin after calcined is also ceramic industry and a kind of heat resistant high temperature ceramic raw material. LONGZHONG plant dehydration screen is a kind of efficient sieve dehydration equipment, its application effectively promote the secondary utilization of coal gangue, to avoid the pollution from coal gangue emissions.