How to use sand washer reasonably has become an important issue


Wheel sand washer is a sand washing equipment that use different particle density to washing and classifying materials. This can able to screen sand and gravel conforms to the industrial use for sand making machine. Thus the sand washer will become the first choice for more and more enterprises to cleaning sand and gravel materials.

The fully use of sand resources promote economic and industrial development. From this perspective, the rational use of resources problem also seems particularly outstanding, so using high-quality mineral processing equipment is a inevitable thing. Sand washer can help us to sorting out the quality of sand and gravel material in sand production line. So  how to reasonable use sand washer has become an important thing.

Firstly, maintenance is very important. It should become every technical personnel’s routine work. So as to timely find sand washer damage situation and problems, timely solve processing, ensure the normal operation of the system of sand production line equipment. Secondly, the surface may appear aging phenomenon after using long time.  So we should check sand washer operation condition and wear, make its cohesive components produced by the friction between the losses to a minimum. To inject some lubricating oil sand washer is also regularly maintain a method of sand washer can work for a long time.

We all know that sand washer always is the high work load in sand production line. Of course, the function cannot be ignored of sand washer in other industries, such as in the railway industry, etc. The sad washer of LZZG provide the high quality materials for  various industries. welcome all customers to visit our factory.