LZZG reply to some questions of fine sand recovery machine used for mixing station


Concrete preparation in concrete mixing station is a systematic process, from raw material metering, mixing ratio, mixing time and other aspects need for accurate monitoring. However, the current problem is that the cement mixing plant to go through each process of cleaning, after the washing, how to deal with the waste water? If deciding to use the sedimentation tank water, the cost of cleaning the tank is too expensive.

1.Q:Can we use the sewage water discharged from the mixing tank to recover the fine materials?

A: As long as the size of raw material outlet in the fine sand recycling machine within the scope (0.16-0.3mm), it is possible to use fine sand recycling machine to solve this problem. The content of fine sand in the concrete wastewater is very large.

2.Q:Which motor should we choose for the fine sand recovery machine?

A: The current relatively good motor is SIEMENS, the price may be a little bigger but the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

3.Q: What machine will match LZ fine sand recycling equipment?

A: A complete set of fine sand recycling equipment should include: cleaning tank, vibration motor, vacuum pressure pump, sediment separator, drip, polyurethane sieve plate, transformer etc.

4.Q: LZZG as a large brand of fine sand recovery machinemanufacture, price is more expensive than other suppliers?

A: LZZG sand recycling machine is integrated, so the price is transparent, not random increase. After sales service also has the guarantee standard equipment. There are too many small workshops with the rapid development of market economy, it is recommended for the first time procurement of equipment customers to guard against being taken.