Sand recycling machine help to deal with fine sand loss


With the development of basic construction, the demand of aggregate and other raw materials is large. Artificial sand has become a hot topic. The fine sand loss seriously in sand wet production process caused the lack of resources, environmental pollution and a series of problems, greatly contrary to China’s basic national conditions and strategies.

The essence of the sand loss

Because of the wet production process, whatever type sand washing machine, the biggest drawback is the fine sand (0.16mm below) the loss of serious, and some even more than 20% loss, which not only loss of production, but also seriously affected Sand grading, resulting in unreasonable gradation, fineness modulus partial coarse, greatly reducing the quality of artificial sand.

The emergence of sand recycling machine

In order to solve the above problems, we have researched and injected a lot of time, money and manpower, and successfully developed the dehydration type sand recovery machine. The dewatering part contains dewatering sieve and vibrating motor, and the recovery part contains vacuum high-pressure pump, motor, high pressure separator, back water tank and cleaning tank.