Maintenance and troubleshooting of fine sand recovery machine


The equipment on a regular basis by daily maintenance during processing. The components are fastened. If the above note can not solve the problem, the company technicians can communicate to solve.

Problem 1: low efficiency rate the fine sand recycling machine dehydration screen, production with too much water;

A: You can increase the height of the discharge port or in the feed opening at the baffle, so that excess water flow into the sink for recycling.

Problem 2: sediment separator treatment ineffective, too many drops of water mouth

A: You can change the size of the drip port, so as to meet the requirements (not to block the best).

Problem 3: dehydration screen instability, jumping too large

A: You can check whether the spring base is the same (based on two equal two) or check whether the vibration motor eccentric block in the same groove.

Problem 4: The pump can not provide reliable pressure

A: to see whether the lack of water caused by the pump can not provide reliable pressure, resulting in poor treatment can be adjusted back to the water, so that a balance between supply and demand.

Problem 5: Belt lying to cause insufficient pressure

A: The treatment effect can be adjusted to make the motor with the pump pulley is in agreement; and adjust the belt (belt can not be too tight).

Problem 6: finished sand quality is poor

A: You can add water to achieve the best results.

Problem 7: The device is running abnormally

A: If the equipment in the work of abnormal, then immediately stop the inspection, as long as the problem is found before they can begin to use.