What factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the sand washing machine?



In general, when customers are choosing a Sand Washing Machine, they should consider the below conditions.

  1. The use and model of Sand Washing Machine that the customers need. It is initial condition.
  2. The basic characteristics of the sieving material, including types of materials , moisture of materials, particle shapes of materials, granularity of materials and moisture content.
  3. The operation shift of the Sand Washing Machine
  4. The amount of desired treatment per hour
  5. Specified granularity and corresponding treatment effect
  6. Type of the Sand Washing Machine
  7. Working conditions, such as the size of space, environmental temperature and dust control requirements.

We share the above announcements that you need to take care of when you are choosing a Sand Washing Machine. And our company can provide variety instructions and purchasing suggestion.

Although there are many types of Sand Washing Machine, we believe every customers will select the model of the Sand Washing Machine that meets the conditions of production with the help of Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

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