The skills to improve screen efficiency of circular vibrating screen


Circular vibrating screen has characteristics of simple structure, maintenance convenience, steady working, low noise and large amount of screening etc, which is widely used in product grading of mining, construction, energy etc. it is a ideal device of crushing and screening machine. With the wide using of circular vibrating screen, the problem attracts manufactures’ attention about how to improve the screen efficiency of circular vibrating screen. There Luoyang longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd will tell you some skills about it.


1.Highly opening rate can improve the screen efficiency. Stainless weld sieve plate usually has high the screen efficiency.

2. Adjust the way of feeding materials. In moat cases, the incoming materials is not to be fed along the width, but feeding device can be added to the feeding inlet to make the materials enter uniformly.

3. Adjust the lean angle of screening machine. Reducing angle properly can decrease the thickness of materials and realize the screening of thin materials.

4. Reduce the paste rate of the sieve and select the sieve plate with the cleaning. The automatic cleaning device reduces the chance of screen blocking hole and improves the efficiency of screening.

5.The way of adjusting weight can improve the efficiency of screen for the special vibrating screen.


Excepting for the above that LZZG has summed up for you, when using it, producers should pay attention to angles. You can improve screen efficiency by adjusting angle reasonably.