What are the customers most concerns when purchasing dewatering screen?


Longzhong Heavy Machinery has been do the business of dewatering screen more than10 years, it can be the spokesman of dewatering screen. So what are customers most concerned when purchase dewatering screen?

  • 1. Some customers may ask the price firstly. in face these customers, we generally  not direct quotes, but first to learn about  the raw material, components, containing soil, capacity of customers hope to achieve, act. Because some customers may not know, so that we can quote a reasonable price after knowing these.
  • 2. Some customers concerned about the electricity and water consumption. For this problem, we will give the appropriate advice according to the recommended sand washing device after understanding the above information. In addition, we would also  remind customers how to solve the water problem, generally advise clients to be able to build several cycles pools so that water can be recycled, it has reached the purpose of water conservation.
  • 3. Another concern is the vulnerable parts. As dewatering screen, not many vulnerable parts, it is the general screen, some of which we will be supplied according to the situation, to prepare for contingencies.
  • 4. The final concern is after-sale service. For this problem, we will clearly tell customers that dewatering screen three guarantees year warranty. Implementation of a maintenance service for the product, the warranty period for free repair, and only pay the cost of labor and parts costs during the warranty period repair, operation and maintenance for the user free training staff, to enable them to independently control equipment rules and precautions.

In summary, the Long Heavy Machinery summarizes the four major issues that customers are most concerned about when purchase the dewatering screen: dewatering screen price; water and electricity equipment; accessories, wearing parts; after-sales service.Long Heavy Machinery will perfectly solve all problems for you, allowing you to purchase equipment without worry!