Sent to the Bandung, Indonesia of model LZ 300 fine sand recycling machine


Introduction about model 300 fine sand recycling machine: LZ 300 fine sand recycle machine is the patent of LZZG mechanical production type. The equipment operation part: high recovery rate. The technical parameters of the equipment: the 15 KW power slurry pump, polyurethane material screen mesh, with special motor, power 0.75KW * 2, the set can realize a capacity of 40-100 m³/h, weight: 2.2 tons.

Destination: the Bandung, Indonesia

Usage: Reduce fine sand loss, improve the production of sand. Improve reasonable match, as well as the final sand quality, so as to improve the economic benefit of the user. The LZ300 fine sand recycling machine used in a silica sand factory located in Bandung, mainly make up for the deficiency of sand washer of fine sand erosion, the coarse and fine sand grade, the issue such as difference of sand quality.
The followings are the pictures of some packing and delivery site: