Methods to improve the screening efficiency of vibrating screen


1.Select the appropriatemodelof vibrating screen; The higher the frequency is, the better the screening effect is.

2.Improve the screen movement; choose and adjust excitation force of the two vibrationg motors. The rational choice of vibrating motor is the key link to influence the screening performance, which affects the screening and production of excitation force.

4.Use multiple feeding modes; Using multiple feed wayis equal to increase the screen width, reducesthe thickness of the layer on the surface of the material, which is advantageous to touch surface quickly for the fine particle materials and also can make full use of screen surface to reduce unnecessary transportation distance and improve the working efficiency.

5.Strengthen operation management;It is necessary to strengthen the repair and maintenance of the screen, clean the surface of the screen and replace the damaged screen in time to ensure the equipment is in good condition.

the screening efficiency of vibrating screen