Environmental protection is the necessary development trend of Dewatering screen.



The main function of Dewatering screen is to dewater, deslim, medium, and can be used in sand stone plant to water sand, dry coal recovery plant, concentrator tailing, etc, so also called mining sieve dehydration, tailings dewatering screen, high frequency sieve dehydration, etc.


When used for different materials, the structure of the dehydration sieve is different. For example, the sand and stone dewatering sieve and the common tailings dewatering screen used in the processing plant are different structures.


At present, the domestic and foreign market economy is switching to the green economy. In order to better serve the users, the transformation and upgrading of mining must also be done, so the energy conservation and environmental protection in the future market of vibration sieve dehydration is very market potential; Whether in the dehydration effect, or in terms of ability to application, its has a great promotion and change, so energy efficient and environmentally friendly Dewatering Screen in the future market will be competitive.