Sand recycling machine: the last session of wet sand making processing


Sand recycling machine is not strange for most people . It is the last session of wet sand, its presence determines the overall production efficiency and environmental benefits of gravel production line, and is the essential recycling equipment. But in real life, the sand recycling machine is usually excluded by some manufacturers aim to reduce pre-return of sand production line. This is a very desirable approach, and it easily give customers more trouble later from the long-term economic benefit.


Especially in recent years, the state increased management and punishment intensity to  extensive mineral economy. Therefore, the mining industry feel insecure economy. Faced with this grim produce situation, LZZG not only especially improved overall mining machine, but also launched a new type sand recycling machine for reducing environmental pollution of sand-water mixture.

As we all know, the sand-water mixture may loss in using sand  washing machine, and  the fine sand particles can not be recycled. LZZG machine applies for centrifugal hierarchical manner, to achieve an effective separation of fine sand and water. Thus  finish cleaning, dewatering and classification three functions to help companies realize economic and environmental benefits.

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