Is it necessary to configure sand washing equipment in the sand making production line?


Sand production line often made up by the vibration feeder, primary crusher (jaw crusher), two stage crushing (back breaking or crushing machine), sand making machine, belt conveyor, vibrating screen and other equipment, but there are also some sand line will be equipped with sand washing equipment, mainly for the collection of gravel or the finished sand processing. So is it essential to purchase a set of sand washing equipment for your own sand making line?

Because we need the acquisition of sand and gravel from the river, the lake or the sea, we must configure the sand washing equipment. In addition, to get the maximum profit from the sand production line, whether to configure sand washing equipment should be considered from the following aspects:

1, Water is essential for washing the sand, that is to say, production line should be built in close to the water source place, it is best can take river water, lake water and other natural water to wash the sand, in order to reduce investment cost.

2, Under normal circumstances, the vibrating screen has certain functions to separate dust and soil, we need not equip with sand washing equipment, but if your sand and gravel aggregate demand is higher, cleaner, and you want the final sand have a good look for selling better, you should concern about equipped a bucket sand washer or a screw one.

3, In some areas, environmental requirements higher, production line must be equipped with dust removal and noise reduction device. Sand washing machine & fine sand recovery machine appears to meet the basic requirements of green environmental protection, ecological sustainable development.

Generally, sand washing equipment usually means spiral sand washer and wheel bucket sand washer, the two kinds of sand washing equipment have their own advantages, and all used for sand wash the dirt, dust, etc., to achieve the purpose of clean sand. Specific choose what kind of sand washing machine according to the specific situation. If use yarn recycling equipment collocation, you will get higher production.