Accessories for sand recovery system


Accessories for sand recovery system

Polyurethane screen(PU); It has the advantages of not blocking hole, high screening efficiency and long service life. It is the best sieving material in the market now.

Sediment separator; The separation principle of sediment separator with high elasticity, high strength, high abrasion resistance and other characteristics is centrifugal sedimentation.

Vacuum high-pressure pump; It is a wear-resistant and efficient energy-saving vacuum high-pressure pump. Adopt the international advanced design theory, the design of minimum loss principle, the shape of the flow parts and the flow state of the slurry reach the ideal state.

High efficiency compound spring; The efficient compound spring is a combination of rubber spring and metal spring.

The above is the advantages of the longzhong sand fine sand recycling system, which makes a lot of contribution to the related industrial production.