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Filter press is supplied for a wide application in municipal & industrial industries. After processed by the filter press, the mud will be mud cake and the humidity is around 20%.

Working principle

The mixture flows through the filter medium (filter cloth), the solid stays on the filter cloth, and gradually piles up on the filter cloth to form the filter cake. The filtrate part penetrate the cloth, become clear water.


  • 1. Less associated devices
    Elaspress filter presses only use a hydraulic oil cylinder to provide enough pressure when other types of filter presses have to be equipped with water tanks, air compressors, water pumps, compression pumps, air storage tanks and other necessary devices.
  • 2. Filter plates made of steel, instead of fragile PP
    For the filter plates of elaspress filter presses are made of steel and hard to be damaged, they can be used for 5~8 years without any replacement.


Model Filter area(m²) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Weight (kg) Overall dimensions LxWxH (mm)
G50²-800 50 4kw+7.5kw 1-1.5 3800 4044*1350*785
G80²-800 80 4kw+7.5kw 1-2 5000 5364*1350*785
G100²-100 100 4kw+11kw 2-4 6500 5778*1480*1370
G150²-120 150 4kw+11kw 3-5 8000 6217*1766*1620
G200²-125 200 4kw+15kw 4-5 10500 7317*1766*1620
G250²-125 250 4kw+22kw 6-8 12000 8557*2370*1620