Why the price is not unification of dehydration screen


Dehydration screen is the equipment for dehydration, desliming, sculting, with the advantages of small investment cost, effective dehydration , low energy consumption, low noise, small footprint, simple operation. It is most widely used sand making, salt manufacturing, mineral processing and other industry. With the wide application of dehydration screen, the manufacturers is also increasing. The price is different of dehydration screen between different manufacturers. So why the price is not unification.

The production cost of dehydration screen including technology, capital, raw materials, labor and so on. The input of quality and efficient dehydration screen is relatively high, so its price is high; and the investment of poor dehydration screen is relatively low, so prices relatively cheaper.

The different price is because of different models. In general, the capacity is large of large size dehydration screen, so the price is more expensive than smaller models.

Because the fierce competition of dehydration industry , some manufacturers in order to beat his opponents, they compete on price, blindly reduce the price of dehydration screen to attract customers.