Why does LZZG brand sand vibrating screen stand out from the numerous dehydration products?


A product, a company will have a certain concept, and to some extent promote the generation and the benign development of the enterprise. Efficient multiple frequency sieve dehydration from LZZG is contains a complete design concept.


TS series frequency sieve made by LZZG is mainly used for dehydration of cyclone and thickener underflow dehydration. When efficient multi frequency dewatering screen at work, around 75% of the high concentration of vortex bottom flow and about 60% of the thickener underflow to enter dewater screen behind the back plate, automatically form a thicker mineral filter layer, water under the action of high frequency vibration gradually through a mineral filter layer into the sieve, sieve on water content at about 15%, can reach the standard of tailings dewatering.

Tailings are indispensable to mine concentrator production facilities: tailings is one of the biggest mining enterprise environmental protection projects. The expert points out, not only the tailings dewatering used the screen which can also be used to concentrate dehydration.
Saving is very important for the sustainable development road, tailings dewatering in practice of managing idea, more in line with the value orientation of contemporary society, promote industrial miners work smoothly. Promote and support the idea of saving can bring many benefits. LZZG with innovation can always design adjust measures to local conditions of the solution to the customer with innovation, finally wins the favor of customers.