Wash plant investment creates value from cyclone dewatering screen


At the scene of the most of the sand cleaning site , we often see a lot of products sand drying in the sun waiting for the time of selling , Maybe you can see the heavy mud effluent from pool , it is because these waste water contains a large number of wet mud and part of the loss of fine sand . If there is some way to get the sand in the production process of dehydration , and the loss of fine sand into the sand available for sale , of course , we will invest less costs in the Heavy set pool cleaning and Sand production capacity . There is no doubt that it is a good idea :Wash plant investment creates value from cyclone dewatering screen .

The dewatering screen unit from LZZG is an alternative to the pressure filter .  The dryness rate of the slurry reach up to 70-80% , after dewatering process , the water content is in 10-15% .  The dryness can be conveyed , piled up or transported . It is a preferred product for tailing slurry dewatering application .

For the whole sand-making process, you may get a lot of advantages:

  • Compact design saves floor space
  • Cost less power
  • Large treating capacity
  • Long life PU screen, reliable performance
  • Easy operation and maintenance

So , Do you want to know the dewatering screen on the selection of some matters needing attention ?  Or do you want to know how to drink the existing machinery and equipment to work more efficient ? Now please tell us your material situation and production capacity ! Looking forward to cooperating with you!