The work characteristics of circular vibrating screen


Circular Vibrating Screen is a kind of vibrating equipment. General equipments only rotate, but the screen can keep vibrating severely in working process. The main parts of vibrating screen are screen and vibrator.  Especially vibrator, it can rotate at high speed and also take part in vibrating.


The working condition is very bad for vibrating screen. Circular vibrating screen is used in sieving ore and coal in general. The proportion of feeding materials is quite large, and so is the granularity. Not only does the sieving of vibrating screen take part in high strength vibrating, but it bears crush from materials constantly.


The requirement is high about handling emission and sieving effect. The processing emission is up to 10 tons per hour and per square. The sieving effect is required to be up to 80% of usual situation.


It is easily to maintain for failure. There are many fault kinds about circular vibrating screen, such as slipping gears, damaged bearings, broken fracture, cracking side plate and so on. Especially for broken side plate, it is very difficult to repair. Any small problems can bring serious damage for fracture. The process indicators of circular vibrating screen is handling ability and sieving effect. The lager handling ability is, and the higher sieving effect is, the better process indicators are for circular vibrating screen.