Sand recycling machine used in bentonite wet purification


1.Overview of bentonite

Bentonite, also known as clay rock, class rock, is a clay rock that montmorillonite as the main mineral. Purity bentonite is rare, which contain different amounts of impurities, such as quartz, feldspar, mica, zeolite, its purity is different due to origin, so it need to be purified.

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2. Bentonite wet purification can use sand recycling machine

LZZG sand recycling machine is used for wet purification of bentonite, which can effectively solve the problem of dry purification of environmental pollution, product quality is not high, but also can solve the problem of small particles of wet purification can not be removed, the high cost, production cycle Long and other issues.

3. The advantages of fine sand recycling machine for bentonite wet purification

The quality of finished product is high, investment cost is low, small footprint, energy saving and environmental protection, high production efficiency when LZZG sand recycling machine used for wet purification of bentonite. A client from Australia purchased this machine for the purification process, access to 90.06% purity, 54.24% recycling rate bentonite concentrate.