Potash feldspar dehydration sieve in China


Mine dewatering products in China and the world is very common, but for many wet mineral processing users, the price and performance has been a lot of mining are unavoidable problems. Small-scale mining products are generally used in life of about 2 years, including the replacement of various parts during the time. Longzhong industry from the perspective of technological innovation, using rational selection, produce the dehydration sieve for potash feldspar, models from TS0820- TS2445 with production 5-250 tons per hour, have broken the 2 years to scrap the industry curse.

Potassium feldspar washing grinding, dehydration after use is very extensive, including industrial ceramic body, ceramic glaze, glass, ceramics, abrasive materials and preparation for potash fertilizer. This also means that the high yield and quality potash feldspar powder production process in the role of mining equipment is essential, of course, potash feldspar powder is particularly important for dewatering and screening device.


LZZG recommend customers for need of output 100-120 tons per hour the model for the TS1530 dewatering screen, the screen frame body part with 304 special steel, repeated quenching makes this material than other manufacturers of 235345 ordinary carbon steel, more reinforcement and reliable; the market for the general sieve potassium feldspar dehydration in thickness 25-30mm, and selected high quality Longzhong polyurethane sieve plate 45mm, the hole was an inverted triangle shape, the opening rate reached 95%, and is not easy to bet on the hole itself self-cleaning performance greatly reduces the workload of daily maintenance.

If you need K-feldspar dehydration products, try long production dewatering screen, may get a surprise.