Detect and solve the problem of running slurry of fine sand recovery equipment


Proper maintenance can avoid fine sand recycling equipment problems, improve the work efficiency. But maintenance is not foolproof, there is always this or that kind of problem of fine sand recycling machine equipment in the process of work, scratching users heads. Recently some users reflect that they do not know how to deal with the problem of running pulp of the fine sand recovery equipment. LONGZHONG heavy industry from three aspects this paper analyzes the reasons of running pulp and response.


1, the amplitude of the fine sand recycling machine equipment

Vibration amplitude has a great influence on the processing of fine sand recycling system, the greater the amplitude of general capacity is relatively greater. Dynamic adjustment of 90% before leaving the factory. If there is a run pulp, can be inside and outside eccentric block Angle alignment, the vibration was 100%.

2, selection of screen mesh is not reasonable

Sieve the degree of thickness work may also be affected, each fine sand recycling machine equipment capacity of 50 l/s, this is because the capacity is according to the regulation of national standard test conditions: choose 60 mesh, the specific gravity of 1.8 weighted mud, mud viscosity for different particle size of river sand is contained in mud.

3, motor turning is not correct

The motor has a close relationship with the normal work of the equipment. First shield vibrator, check whether two motor eccentric block spin to both to the lateral rotation. Second, if the steering error, please switch power feeder of the electric cabinet in any of the two phase line. Toward the inside of the wrong way (two motor rotation), although also can eliminate cuttings outward, but slow; Wrong way two (two motor rotation direction), vibration force is small, the basic line of sand or mud.